2015-03-19 05:00:00 by JukinS

I got scouted :D Thanks to Wondermeow for doing it! I guess it was my Ryuko fanart :3 Im learning how to use Paint tool sai, so i can get better and better, im very thankful, seriously, stay tuned ;)


2015-01-09 22:08:57 by JukinS

i almost finish my animation, an ABC of death animation ;) have a nice day


2014-11-24 00:57:19 by JukinS

Good and bad news, the bad is that skyrims project will be stopped, im lack on resources on dat one, the good one is that im working in some short new animations, i'll have a lot of time these holidays, stay tuned.


2014-10-23 03:42:13 by JukinS

College is tearing me apart, thats the reason for no activity, i've projects in mind, stay tuned

Forget it!

2014-08-18 04:28:26 by JukinS

HEY hey hey! i just got a new wacom! so that means, that im going to keep workin on Skyrims parody, just wait, stay tuned! :3


2014-08-15 06:39:28 by JukinS

Well, im going to college, so i'll move there, i will not have a wacom :c I've recorded the dialogues, and..with mouse, ill do the animatics of my new project, i hope getting a wacom soon, so i can start with the cleaning and animation, so ill be still working ;) Stay Tuned!

New Project!

2014-07-22 16:22:27 by JukinS

Im starting a new projeict, a Skyrim one! i hope i finish it soon, i've some ideas and stuff, stay tuned!!! FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!


2014-07-21 04:40:38 by JukinS

Im uploading a new animation right now, stay tuned! Thanks!

Sup guys

2014-07-18 19:54:49 by JukinS

Im updating more and MOAR art! but i need to get scouted! please help D; Hope u like my art! I've an animation on way too! See ya!


2014-05-06 02:13:54 by JukinS

Hi everyone, im just starting with this stuff, ill be updating art and movies soon, be patient, hope u like it!